Theatr Colwyn

Dance First 12A

Runtime: 100 mins

Director: James Marsh

Genre: Drama , Historical

Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Aidan Gillen, Maxine Peake, Bronagh Gallagher.

Parisian bon vivant, World War II Resistance fighter, Nobel Prize-winning playwright, philandering husband and recluse…Samuel Beckett lived a life of many parts.

Titled after Beckett’s famous ethos “Dance first, think later”, the film is a sweeping account of the life of this 20th-century icon, with Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects, Hereditary, War of the Worlds) starring as Beckett. Also featuring Aidan Gillen, Maxine Peake and Bronagh Gallagher.

Contains moderate violence, threat and infrequent strong language.

Ticket Prices

In advance £6

On the day £8

Film Dates and Times

10 Jan 2024


11 Jan 2024