Theatr Colwyn

McCullin 15

Runtime: 91 mins

Director: Jacqui Morris & David Morris

Genre: Documentary

A feature length documentary detailing the life and career of the famed photographer Don McCullin.

Celebrated photographer Don McCullin worked for The Sunday Times from 1966 to 1983, at a time when the newspaper was widely recognised as being at the cutting edge of international investigative photojournalism. During that period he covered wars and humanitarian disasters on virtually every continent: from civil war in Cyprus, the war in Vietnam and the man-made famine in Biafra to the plight of the homeless in swinging sixties London. Jacqui and David Morris' BAFTA nominated documentary uses rich, detailed archive footage and incredible in-depth interviews to reveal the truth behind McCullin’s hard-hitting and controversial images, piecing together his remarkable story in truly breathtaking style.



It was great to see so many people visiting Oriel Colwyn’s Northern Eye Photography Festival event in October.. we have missed you all and the interaction around and engagement with photography that events like these can provide.

With this in mind, our Curator has been looking at ways to run more regular photography based social events to encourage meeting up safely for discussion, engagement and enjoyment.

We are now happy to announce a new initiative THE PHOTO FILM CLUB which will host a photography based film or documentary roughly every 6 weeks on a Saturday afternoon in the Theatr Colwyn cinema.

Watch a photography based film, meet some old friends, meet some new friends, then go on for an informal drink, snack or meal somewhere in the town for a bit of a social.

We aim to keep the tickets prices for the film screenings as low as we possible can to open up the screening to more people. If you are in a position to help out a little more, please consider making an extra donation to Oriel Colwyn at checkout.

We kick off our first Photo Film Club event on SATURDAY 27th NOVEMBER at 4pm (doors 3.30pm) where we will be we will showing the film FRAME BY FRAME.

Tickets are priced at £5 and if you would like to join us somewhere after (place TBC) anything you choose to eat our drink is not covered by the £5 film charge, we are nice, but not THAT nice!

Ohh and one last thing, it is not really a club, we just liked the name… Its not exclusive, you don’t have to join, there are no joining fees and everyone is welcome!


  • You will now need a NHS Covid Pass or be able to show a negative test result to attend this event. For information on how to obtain the pass visit the Welsh Government website - Get your NHS COVID Pass | GOV.WALES

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Film Dates and Times

05 Feb 2022