Theatr Colwyn

Stan & Ollie

Director: Jon S. Baird

Genre: Drama , Comedy

Cast: John C Reillly, Steve Coogan

Subtitled screening January 22

Focusing on the now-legendary 1953 tour which the ageing comedy duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy embarked on in the twilight years of their fame. Once the world’s favourite double act, but now diminished by age, and their golden era a distant memory, Laurel & Hardy set out on a variety hall tour of Britain in 1953.

As they crisscross the country, attendances are disappointingly low. But they’ve always been able to make each other laugh, and as the charm and beauty of their performances shines through, their audiences laugh too, and they re-connect with legions of adoring fans, old and new. The tour becomes a hit, but Laurel & Hardy can’t quite shake the spectre of Stan and Ollie’s past; and long buried ghosts, coupled with Oliver’s failing health, start to threaten their precious partnership.

A portrait of the most tender and poignant of creative marriages begins to unfold, as the duo, aware that they may be approaching their swan song, try to rediscover just how much they mean to each other.

Ticket Prices

Full price £5.50

Under 15 £4.50

Friends / Premier Card £5.50

Film Dates and Times

18 Jan 2019

2.30pm 7.30pm

19 Jan 2019

2.30pm 7.30pm

20 Jan 2019

2.30pm 7.30pm

21 Jan 2019

2.30pm 7.30pm

22 Jan 2019

2.30pm 7.30pm

23 Jan 2019

2.30pm 7.30pm

24 Jan 2019

2.30pm 7.30pm